A gallery of Evolvotron images

This site will introduce you to computer art. It will present you a selection of artistry images generated by Evolvotron. The selection of images is my personal choice. It gives you a feeling what is possible with Evolvotron.

Evolvotron is an interactive "evolutionary art" tool. Images, textures and patterns evolve through an iterative process of random mutation and user-selection driven evolution.

I have made available sources (xml files) of each image of the gallery. If you have Evolvotron installed, you can use the source of an image as a starting point for your own artistic pictures.

On starting the Evolvotron application, a grid of images is displayed.
Click (singleclick) on an image to spawn the next generation of its mutant offspring. Simply repeat this step until bored.


The images of the grid can be zoomed, rotated, panned or recoloured. Also these images can be enlarged to infinitely size.
More information about Evolvotron, see the website of Tim Day.
Or see his website of sourceforge.
A manual of evolvotron is available here.

The next pages let you see a gallery of generated images.
For each image of the gallery a thumbnail is shown (size 100x100 px). When you hover with the mouse over a thumbnail an enlarged image (size 300x300 px) is shown.
If you click on an enlarged image, a page with the xml source is shown. When rightclick on an enlarged image, you can download the source file.

The image gallery is divided into categories based on the visual interpretation of an image. Examples of categories are:

  • Objects
  • Radial patterns
  • Grid patterns
  • Miscellaneous images
  • Facebook covers

What is evolutionary art?

Generative art is often used to refer to computer generated artwork that is algorithmically determined.
Evolutionary art is a branch of generative art, which system is characterized by the use of evolutionary principles and natural selection as generative procedure.

Example of evolutionary art.

Image generated by Evolvotron.

Facebook Covers

A special category of gallery images is Facebook Covers. These images has the right dimensions to use as a cover for a facebook page.
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